Superseal Teeth Whitening Trays

LUMIWHITE Superseal Teeth Whitening trays are exclusively manufactured by world-class dental technicians at Bridge Dental Laboratory.


If you prefer to send physical impressions, you can: download a FREEPOST Label, print it off and stick it on your parcel ready to post to Bridge Dental Laboratory at no extra cost to you.

Superseal Whitening Trays

Connect Your Scanner

Click here to connect your scanner and transfer digital impressions directly to Bridge Dental Laboratory.

Please note: If you prefer to send your digital impressions via email, you can do this by dropping us an email at [email protected]

Internal Whitening Trays

LUMIWHITE Internal Whitening trays are specifically constructed for carrying out Internal Whitening / Internal Bleaching on a discoloured, non-vital, anterior tooth.

If you are a dentist wanting to carry out Internal Whitening / Internal Bleaching on a patient just let us know which tooth you are wanting to treat in the lab instructions you send to us.