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Watch the video below for a detailed, step-by-step, guide on how to use LUMIWHITE Teeth Whitening. Instructions on how to use LUMIWHITE Teeth Whitening can also be found on the packaging. Please note these instructions may be modified by your dentist.

Managing tooth sensitivity with LUMI SOOTHE…

LUMIWHITE Teeth Whitening gels contain Potassium Nitrate and Sodium Fluoride – two ingredients, clinically proven, to manage tooth sensitivity. Despite the addition of these ingredients, we understand some patients may still experience sensitivity and this is usually very mild. That’s why LUMI SOOTHE was developed…

LUMI SOOTHE is a fast-acting desensitising gel that can be used, for 10 minutes or overnight, before and/or after teeth whitening. It contains two active ingredients, Potassium Nitrate and Sodium Fluoride, which are clinically proven to minimise tooth sensitivity and promote tooth remineralisation.

Brushing your teeth, twice daily, with a desensitising toothpaste for 1 week prior to whitening your teeth and to continue using the toothpaste throughout your whitening treatment will also help manage tooth sensitivity.

You may also manage tooth sensitivity by whitening your teeth every other night and on the nights you do not whiten to place LUMI SOOTHE Desensitising Gel into your whitening trays and wear them overnight.

Rest assured, once you have completed your whitening treatment you should no longer experience any tooth sensitivity.

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