Want to use LUMIWHITE Superseal Whitening Trays for your case?

At LUMIWHITE, we respect some dental clinicians prefer to source their own whitening trays. This is why we are pleased to offer all clinicians the option to purchase LUMI LUXE KITS with or without LUMIWHITE Superseal Whitening Trays. For clinicians, who want to offer their patients a guaranteed B1 shade, we suggest providing your patient with a LUMI LUXE KIT and LUMIWHITE Superseal Whitening Trays.

It’s really easy to send a case to our lab. Here are the steps involved:

1) Purchase a LUMI LUXE KIT (with Superseal Trays).

– You may do this by visiting the LUMIWHITE Shop (click here).
– This product may only be bought by dental professionals
(click here to register/login).

2) Send voucher code with your lab ticket.

– Your kit will contain a teeth whitening lab ticket with a unique voucher code.
– Please note that LUMIWHITE Superseal whitening trays are scalloped with reservoirs as standard.
– We’re happy to make whitening trays to any specifications you require.
– So if you would like to customise your whitening trays, please let us know.

3) Feel free to use the FREEPOST LABELS we send with your order in order to post your impressions to:

Bridge Dental Laboratory Ltd
Unit 10
Sea Vixen Industrial Estate
Wilverley Road
BH23 3RU
Tel: 01202 486113 | Fax: 01202 479204 | Website: bridgedentallab.co.uk

4) Alternatively, digital impressions (STL files) can be sent to:

(please do not forget to include an image of your completed lab ticket)

5) If you have ordered 10 or more LUMI LUXE KITS you are eligible for Free Branding!

– Email your practice logo to and social media details (Facebook and Instagram username) sales@lumiwhite.com making sure you have included your order number.
– After receiving your email, our team will customise your LUMI LUXE KITS to feature your practice logo and we will strive to dispatch these within 7 working days.


The turnaround time for producing LUMIWHITE Superseal Trays is 5-7 working days upon receipt of your impressions. If you require them sooner just let us know!