Luxury in each detail

LUMIWHITE Teeth Whitening is a luxurious, professional, teeth whitening system developed by UK dentists and is presented in beautiful, state-of-the-art packaging.

LUMIWHITE products are beautifully packaged so that patients can get the premium feel they pay for!
(PLEASE NOTE: LUMIWHITE products can only be bought via a dentist and they set their own prices)

What differentiates us from other brands is simple – luxury. The LUMIWHITE feeling is nothing short of extravagance and bliss. Is there anything better than whitening your teeth and feeling like a million bucks at the same time? (or shall we say, a million pounds? The product was developed by UK dentists after all). The packaging was designed with the patient in mind, there’s nothing that screams elegance more than soft-touch lamination and rose gold foiling!
If these aren’t enough enough reasons for you then here are 12 REASONS TO CHOOSE LUMIWHITE.
To view our products, visit the LUMIWHITE SHOP and become a LUMIWHITE Teeth Whitening provider. Once your application has been approved, you can shop and give your patients the best smile… a LUMIWHITE smile.