Amazing results! I have just finished my final tube of LUMIWHITE gel and I'm blow away by my results. The kit is beautifully packaged and easy to use. If you get the opportunity to use this kit you will not be disappointed!

George W

We have been using Lumiwhite at Fourways Dental Practice for the past six months with phenomenal results! A very good product, very well packaged. Extremely effective, our patients love the results and with minimal or no sensitivity. The CEO deals with us directly and is always there for you. Also very reasonably priced. I would recommend this product whole heartedly to both consumers and fellow professionals.

Dr Aviva R

Amazing company, I usually get sensitivity when using other whitening products however Lumiwhite is gentle on the teeth and I can’t get over how amazing the packaging is 😍 I’m glad I found out about Lumiwhite during lockdown last year! They’re also very prompt when replying back to messages, no need to wait a few days as you do with other companies!

Sabreena A

Very happy with my new smile thanks to LUMIWHITE! I had a very dark front-tooth which left me feeling very underconfident for so many years. A much-deserved 5 stars! x

Stacey S

Astonishing results! I've just finished my final tube of LUMIWHITE gel and I'm satisfied with the results. It does wonders! The kit is elegantly packaged and very easy to use. Definitely recommend these guys. You definitely wont be disappointed.

Muhammad D

Best teeth whitening system out there and nice to know that it was created by dentists in the UK! Very simple to use - one appointment for moulds with my lovely dentist and a second appointment one week later to collect my LUMIWHITE gel and whitening trays (which, by the way, are so comfortable!). I'm very happy with how white my teeth have gone! My results are insane! Highly recommend! :D

Alex D